About Beauty Cares

Beauty Cares empowers teens, women and children by using education to breaking the cycle of domestic abuse. Everyone deserves to be educated about the signs of teen dating/domestic abuse. Beauty Cares reaches thousands of students with a groundbreaking education that emphasizes preventing abuse before it begins.

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What We Do

The Beauty Cares organization is a leader in the fight to prevent abuse before it begins. Our highly impactful and in-demand Education = Prevention Tour has reached thousands of students. Provided at no cost to schools, we teach the signs of an abusive relationship and enable kids to create boundaries, identify healthy relationships and reframe misconceptions about abuse. Beauty Cares also works to break the cycle by providing hands-on intervention for women and children survivors of domestic abuse.

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Donate Now

Would you like to sponsor a woman or child survivor of domestic violence in need? Or sponsor a school to help girls learn about teen dating abuse? Any amount at all will be appreciated and put to excellent use! Find out all the ways you can be part of the community supporting an end to teen dating violence and domestic abuse.

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"I believe that education is freedom. I believe that education saved my life." - Oprah Winfrey

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